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POSTED 18.05.18 | Product

Make A Difference With Accoya

Front doors have a lot to put up with. They protect the home from intruders, environmental noise, heat loss and the elements yet they’re expected to look smart 24/7 – for years after they’re first installed. Not many off-the-peg front doors can withstand the day-to-day pressures put upon them from daily use and some will need to be replaced every decade or so. Consider the important role a front door has to play and use materials that will help it do its job as well as give your home head-turning kerb appeal.

We make most of our doors from Accoya® a timber modified in a process called acetylation which enables the wood to resist rot and stay strong for up to 50 years. Its durability is sought after not only by leading door makers like us but also by civil engineers and architects building frameworks for homes and bridges that are submerged in water.


Accoya® is created from wood sourced from well-managed and sustainable forests giving it great environmental credentials. In addition, the length of its life could contribute to fewer trees being used. Apart from its longevity, its strength and durability are contributing factors in using the material. It’s hard for intruders to break into or kick-through, so a door made from Accoya® will give your home additional safety and security which in turn has a much needed positive impact on your home insurance.

All of our doors are finished by hand with high quality paint which further helps to protect the surface of the wood. A hand-painted finish gives a more authentic handcrafted look, in keeping with original period style designs. Whether you have a contemporary door or something traditional there’s a huge range of colours to choose from; from classic shades to pastels; bold brights to heritage hues. so whatever style of door you choose, you can guarantee its finish will help to reflect your own personality for years to come.

Accoya® wood’s performance credentials have been extensively researched and repeatedly demonstrated. Accoya® has properties that exceed those of the world’s best woods yet it is manufactured by modifying wood sourced from well-managed sustainable forests without the introduction of toxins.


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