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POSTED 15.06.18 | Trends

Behind Closed Doors – The Benefits Of Internal Glass Doors

There are lots of benefits to open plan living but sometimes you just want to feel a little more enclosed. Large spacious kitchens with family areas are practical at meal times or when you’re entertaining but if you want a little privacy, or the kids need somewhere quiet to do their homework, being able to close off a portion of your room makes sense.

Open plan living is high on the wish-lists of many homebuyers, but the flexibility that comes with being able to close off a part of a large room is a bonus. It’s particularly handy in the winter if you want to create a cosy ‘snug’ rather than heat a large room.

Compared to doors made entirely from wood, part or fully glazed doors give your room a continuous flow of light and maintain a sense of space. Glass doors are durable, stylish and work well in most homes whether you live in a modern apartment or a Georgian townhouse. You can also choose from an almost limitless variety; from period, panelled doors to contemporary designs.

Glass doors don’t have to be plain either; glazing can be etched, frosted, textured or you could choose stained glass to create a focal point. The beauty of choosing glass doors is they can be designed around you, your lifestyle and the proportions of your home for an inch-perfect fit.

From a practical point of view, glass doors don’t have to take up space. Instead of hanging off hinges, they can slide open so you don’t have to worry about moving furniture around to accommodate them. They are easy to clean and maintain and, depending on what you want, are often more affordable than wooden doors. For an elegant solution that will ‘blend in with’ or enhance your existing décor, glass is a great option. Trends come and go but this option never goes out of style.

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