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POSTED 19.12.18 | Trends

Enjoy Your Winter Garden

Winter can play havoc with our gardens. So, if you want to keep yours looking blooming lovely all year round we’ve some ideas for a winter garden that continues to burst with colour and interest.

First things first. As plants die off and the season covers your lawns and footpaths in dead leaves, pull on your wellies, wrap up warm and get tidying. Old leaves can be slippery when it rains and dead plants can encourage insects to thrive. Rather than burning or binning old plants, bury them in your garden or put in a soil heap to help improve ground quality. Keeping on top of your garden can enhance kerb appeal even during the gloomiest months.

Black Georgian Front Door

Black Georgian Front Door

Weed, Clean and Cut Back

Many perennials can be cut back before it gets too cold. Wait until after the first frost has caused the plants to dieback so new growth won’t begin again until spring. Chrysanthemums can remain and act as a winter mulch – if any of your plants have had pest problems get rid of them, composting will cause the disease to spread.

If you have bushes or trees, wait until they are in their dormant cycle before pruning. If you have fruit trees don’t let the fallen fruit rot as it will attract animals and pests – they could also set seed. Get rid of your annuals. They’re not going to re-flower so make space for new colour.

Winter Garden

Don’t forget your pots and containers. Empty, clean and disinfect them and bring them indoors. It’s also a good idea to clean and store your stakes and garden ornaments. You’ll extend their lifespan, and they’ll look as good as new when you put them outside again in the spring. The same rules apply to garden tools. Leaving them outdoors or covered in soil will cause them to rust or fail.

Bring some outdoor plants indoors if they’re still looking good and you have the space. They’ll thrive in a porch or conservatory where it’s dry and there’s plenty of natural daylight. Most of us will see plenty of rain during the winter months, but if we do get unseasonal dry or warm weather, your perennials will need to be watered regularly. If you have room, planting colourful winter flowers close to your front door or windows can have an uplifting effect. Here are a few of our favourites:

Winter Flowering Pansy

Winter-flowering Pansy

Unless conditions are Arctic, these colourful little plants will keep flowering all winter. They are very resilient and can last well into the late spring.

Wintergreen, Gaultheria Procumbens

Perfect for Christmas, Wintergreen is a lovely evergreen with large red berries and warm, rust-coloured leaves. Planted close to your door it will give your visitors a festive welcome.

Miniature Cyclamen

Miniature Cyclamen

Miniature cyclamen are very free-flowering and hardy. They are ideal for planting in pots in your porch or in sheltered places.

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