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5 Reasons Why You Should Improve Your Home’s Green Credentials

As we continue to learn about the impact we’re having on the climate, and with a rise in household energy bills, it pays to know why you should improve your home’s green credentials.

As we continue to learn about the impact we’re having on the climate, and with a rise in household energy bills, it pays to know why you should improve your home’s green credentials.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

According to the Energy Saving Trust, around 22% of the country’s carbon emissions come from our home – including heating, lighting and appliances. There are many ways to reduce our carbon emissions from using renewable clean energy sources, investing in smart energy controls, insulating our homes and switching to low energy lighting. By reducing our energy consumption and being smart with our home improvements, no matter how small or large, we can significantly lower the amount of CO2 emissions, benefiting our planet in the long run.

Contemporary front door and hallway.
Contemporary Front Door

Lower Long Term Running Costs

Compared to their non-green counterparts, homes with improved green credentials have more economic benefits. As energy prices are steadily increasing year on year and we try to lower our carbon footprint, more renewable forms of energy, better insulation, energy-efficient appliances and smart thermostats can result in cheaper bills.

Increase Your Property’s Value

Even if you’re not thinking of selling your house in the immediate future, it’s worth knowing how to add value to your home. Investing in sustainable upgrades and ensuring your home has a green energy efficiency rating (EPC), not only benefits you in the short term but makes your home a more attractive investment to potential buyers.

Grey Victorian style front door.
Dark Grey Victorian Door

Built to Last

Whether you’re building a new home or renovating an existing one, using durable eco-materials can have incredible benefits for you and your family, also significantly lowering your home’s environmental impact. Natural materials that replace concrete, bio-insulation, triple glazed windows, environmentally friendly water-based paints and reclaimed materials can be great alternatives. Not only will you increase your home’s energy efficiency, but your property will require less maintenance and costly updates to keep up with building regulations and climate-friendly advancements in the future.

Healthier Home Environment

It’s more important than ever to consider our environment and cultivate a way of living that encourages healthy habits and wellbeing. Greener homes with non-toxic materials and clean energy sources can be hugely beneficial, cutting out harmful pollutants we’d otherwise be breathing in. Even small steps like introducing more trees outside and plant life inside can purify the air and help to offset your carbon emissions to a degree.

Black classic Georgian door.
Black Georgian Front Door

Ways to Improve Your Property’s Green Credentials

Bespoke Wooden Front Doors

A new front door is just one of the measures that can reduce costs and keep your home warm over the winter months and beyond.

Although original period front doors are beautiful, they can throw up a few problems over time. Their quality and deterioration can cause draughts leaving your home cold and expensive to heat. While we all want to do the right thing when it comes to plastic usage, we’ve been proponents of the solid timber door rather than PVC for many years now. We choose durable timbers for all of our front doors to ensure each is reliable, hardwearing and sustainable.

Grey Victorian style door.
Victorian Style Front Door

Whether you have a Victorian villa or a contemporary new build, each door is designed to the exact specification of the doorway, ensuring a snug fit, even if the entrance is an unusual style or has non-standard dimensions. Once a door is handcrafted, it is then fit and sealed to stop draughts from entering the home through the door and frame. We also add weather strips to ensure your home is as energy-efficient as possible.

You’d be surprised at the amount of air that can filter through keyholes and letterboxes, so we only use the highest quality door furniture to suit your door and property style. Keyholes with metal disc covers, letterboxes with brushes and draught excluders integrated within your door can all prevent heat loss.

Georgian front door.
Black Georgian Front Door

Upgrade Lighting Fixtures

As well as turning off switches and using natural light to reduce costs, one way to improve your home’s green credentials is to opt for more energy-efficient bulbs. As opposed to standard incandescent types, LED bulbs are significantly more cost-effective and can aid in lowering your home’s carbon emissions. As lighting goes greener, there are now options for motion sensor lighting and automated systems, ultimately reducing energy waste.


If your home is poorly insulated, there’s no point in implementing energy-saving solutions as heat will still flow straight out. You should properly insulate your roof, loft, cavity walls and floors. When insulating a period property, it’s vital to retain the breathability of the building to ensure there are no problems with damp in the future.

All of these solutions, combined with precision fit bespoke wooden doors, will lower your energy bills and help to improve your home’s green credentials.

Green Victorian style front door.
Green Victorian Front Door

Energy Efficient Windows

Chances are, if you have just moved into an old period property, you won’t have double-glazing. The initial investment may be high; however, compared to single-glazed windows, the extra thickness and details such as weatherstripping can considerably reduce heat loss, external noise, your carbon footprint and energy bills. If you’re concerned about the look of modern double glazing compared to original windows, you can choose from a vast range of materials. Opt for wood, aluminium, steel and uPVC designed for all property types. When looking for the best energy efficient double glazing, look for the Energy Saving Trust recommended logo.

Contemporary home with grey front door.
Contemporary Front Door

Smart Home Systems & Thermostats

Smart meters are a fantastic tool to help you recognise how you’re using energy and what it’s costing. By identifying areas or behaviours costing more than estimated, you can make informed decisions on how to cut down and control your energy usage. Investing in technology such as home assistants, energy-efficient appliances, and thermostats can go a long way in creating a greener lifestyle.

Reclaim and Reuse

If you’re renovating or merely completing jobs on your home, remember to reuse or reclaim building materials. Old bricks can be used in the garden, or if you’re restoring a period home, look in your local reclamation yards for original pieces and building materials.

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