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Front Door Feng Shui

Many people have heard about the principle of feng shui. But did you know your front door and the entrance to your home play a crucial role in the flow of energy in and out of your house?

Many people have heard about the principle of feng shui. But did you know your front door and the entrance to your home play a crucial role in the flow of energy in and out of your house?

What is Feng Shui

Feng shui (literally translating to wind and water) is the art of studying the flow of energy within an environment. The ancient Chinese art adheres to a system of laws that help to harness the spiritual energy around something called chi. This well-known practice seeks to promote balance and harmony between people and their surroundings inviting success and happiness into our homes and lifestyles.

Feng shui can positively impact many aspects of our lives. It relies on many factors including the placement and understanding of objects, colours, light and layout. An entrance or doorway for example with the right chi can set the tone for your entire home.

Contemporary Front Door with Sidelights
Contemporary Front Door with Sidelights

Front door energy

A lot of people spend a long time moving things around in their home and ensuring items are in certain positions. Yet they neglect to consider one of the most important facets of feng shui. The front door.

Your front door is where your home gets most of its chi. It’s how energy flows and enters, also where first impressions are made. In fact, the front door is referred to as the “mouth of chi”. The chi enters through the front door, so the stronger, healthier and more balanced the front entry to your home is, the better the chi that will nourish the people inside.

Unfortunately many things we do every day impacts the energy around our front doors and the quality of the nourishment coming into our homes.

First and foremost, it’s key to use your actual front door. If you only use your side door to enter your home for example and not your front door, this is stopping new energy coming in and keeps the energy inside stagnant. You can still use your side door, but just make sure the front door gets plenty of use too.

Identify any obstacles around your front door that may be getting in the way of the chi. Are plants becoming unruly? Is there clutter and debris around it that needs to be cleared. A clean and tidy front door also welcomes good energy into the home. It’s also important to fix anything that’s broken or give it a lick of paint if it needs it. As the front door is the mouth of chi, any problems with the door can also point to issues or blocks with communication for the people inside.

Your home must feel welcoming not only for you but your guests too; it has to interpret personality, be beautiful and practical for everyday use. If your garden is thriving and you have a clean, accessible front door you are more than likely to encourage good chi. 

Create a healthy home with these simple Feng Shui principles:

These simple feng shui principles will help you create a heathy home and bring good energy in through your mouth of chi.

1. Create a healthy home and banish the clutter.

Your porch or hallway can be more than just an in-between space. It’s the first area people see when entering your home, so it has to have a lasting impression. An uncluttered home means an uncluttered mind.

Look at your clutter and think about how you use the space. Are there shoes piled up next to the door? Are coats strewn everywhere in your porch? Does your home feel busy, cramped and overwhelming when you step in? You can combat the clutter by creating a balance between style and practicality. Consider utilising unused space and adding simple built-in cupboards to place coats and shoes inside. By clearing these areas you’ll stop the energy stagnating.

To allow the energy to flow properly through your home, you need a clear path to your door. This means no obstructions. Think about clearing any debris or belongings from the porch, garden or driveway, as this will allow an unobstructed flow into your home.

Feng Shui Hallway

2. Seek balance with nature

Applying the concept of feng shui to your garden can aide your wellbeing as well as creating a luscious backdrop for the home. Beautifully potted shrubs and zen planting draws in energy allowing your home to feel integrated with nature. Having these around your front door creates a healthy mouth of chi, encouraging good energy inside and representing healthy communication between the people who live there.

So, what plants should you choose? One top tip is not to choose prickly plants or sharp edges, as this deflects chi and creates harsh spaces. Money plants, vibrant blooms, bamboos and aromatic, soft planting are perfect for creating a sense of calm.

You also need to consider the footpath leading up to your front door and apply feng shui principles there too. You want your pathways to create movement and resemble water, with no harsh lines or geometric layouts.

Front Door Feng Shui

3. Choosing the right front door

A door that opens inwards seeks to promote good chi rather than a door that opens outwards. The latter pushes away the energy destined for your home.

But what about the colour, style and finish of your front door? Remember your front door is the mouth of chi. It needs to work in harmony with the rest of your home and shouldn’t jar with its aesthetic. To keep things consistent, your front door should fit with the period and style of your property. The colour and quality of your door also attracts positive energy and should work in harmony with its surroundings. Green is typically the colour of nature and money while red is the colour of prosperity.

Green Victorian Front Door
Green Victorian Front Door

4.  Make the most of light and air

Light is one of the strongest manifestations of energy, so you want to encourage as much natural light as possible around the entrance to your home. Mirrors in your hallway will enhance the space and bounce natural light around, which makes it feel welcoming. They will also make the space feel much bigger. Just remember not to place a mirror in direct line with your front door, as this will reflect the chi straight back out.

If you have windows around your hallway, open them up while at home. This will dramatically improve air quality circulating around the space. Air-purifying plants are also a cheap and easy option that help promote chi.

If you’re limited with light in your hallway, include glass panelling either side of your front door and combine with an effective use of mirrors inside.

With the right changes to your doorway and the entranceway to your home, you can create a healthy mouth of chi and enjoy all the nourishment and energy that enters your space.  At London Door Company, we can design and fit a bespoke front door that enhances the look and feel of your property.

Our free design visits give you the opportunity to look through our exquisite front door colour samples and help you to visualise how it could improve the exterior of your home. If you’re ready to take the next step why not book your free design visit today?