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POSTED 24.04.20 | Style

Ideas to Freshen up Your Front Door and Entrance This Spring

Invest some time and energy in sprucing up your front door and entrance this spring. We’ve shared our top ideas below that are bound to brighten your mood and add cheer to your neighbourhood.

Yellow Front Door

Get Crafty

There are many ways to add cheer and a pop of colour to your home exterior. We’re seeing rainbows in windows, spring wreaths and even brightly coloured chalk murals on our roads to lift our spirits. Here are a few ideas that you can try out over the coming weeks.

  • Rainbows – Rainbows are everywhere at the moment, brightening our streets and neighbouring windows. Put your spin on this and create your own beautiful displays at home. You can create a rainbow wreath from an old wire coat hanger and coloured fabrics, use shapes cut out of brightly coloured paper in your window or simply use some coloured pencils or paint to draw your own rainbow.
  • Painted rocks and pebbles – Decorating rocks is extremely easy and can be fantastic entertainment for the whole family. All you need to do is pick a smooth rock, wash and dry before you begin to remove dirt and then decorate with oil-based felt tips, sharpies or coloured paint. To make them last longer, you can give them a coat of varnish to protect them from the elements.

  • Grow your own– As well as stepping up our cooking game a fresh herb garden can surround your entrance with irresistible scents and colourful blooms throughout summer.
  • Spring wreath – Nothing brightens your day more than vibrant blooms and greenery. You can make wreath bases from willow, old wire coat hangers, moss and oasis or even chicken wire. Once you have your base, you need to gather your foliage any fresh flowers. Trim down your fresh materials, layer and attach them onto your base. Repeat this until your wreath is looking full.

Spring Seating Ideas

Your back garden is usually the place to sit and relax; however, what if the sun shines brighter in your front yard or there is more space. Then why not add a seating area there too? Porches are ideal for watching the world go by while still being undercover. They’re perfect places to accommodate chic armchairs or even a small patio set. If you have limited space, then a traditional garden bench can be a wonderful place to relax in the morning sun—style with some potted plants dotted around and maybe some weatherproof cushions for a little extra comfort.

Contemporary Front Door with Sidelights

Seek Balance

Considering the concept of Feng Shui in your garden can aide wellbeing as well as creating a luscious backdrop for the home. Beautifully potted shrubs and zen planting draws in energy allowing your home to feel integrated with nature. One top tip is not to choose prickly plants or sharp edges; this deflects chi and creates harsh spaces. Money plants, vibrant blooms, bamboos and aromatic, soft planting are perfect for creating a sense of calm. Footpaths to your front door should apply the same principles; they must create movement resembling water with no harsh lines or geometric layouts.

Spring Front Door Paint Colours

Choosing a fresh colour for your front door gives you an opportunity to unify the colours on the outside of your home. You may want a colour that will complement new paintwork, tones in your brickwork or masonry, or even a shade that will match or contrast with the colours of your interior décor. Here are a few of our favourite spring colours.

Bright Blues and Vibrant Greens

Blue 1930s Front Door

Pastel Pinks

Pink Victorian Front Door

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