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Home Improvement Guide – Ways to Create an Energy Efficient Home

Increasing awareness in eco-friendly living and a forecast rise in household energy bills means we need to consider an effective strategy for creating an energy efficient home. A new front door is just one of the measures that can reduce costs and keep your home warm over the winter months and beyond.

Increasing awareness in eco-friendly living and a forecast rise in household energy bills means we need to consider an effective strategy for creating an energy efficient home. A new front door is just one of the measures that can reduce costs and keep your home warm over the winter months and beyond.

Energyhelpline mentions typically, a homeworker’s energy bill will increase by £21 a month on average, while working from home one day a week during the winter. That’s a staggering amount and increased further if your home isn’t sufficiently insulated. More of us are spending time behind closed doors. Hence, it’s the perfect time to consider home improvements and practical measures such as insulation, property maintenance and investments in new front doors and windows.

Green Victorian Door 

Front Doors That Contribute to an Energy-Efficient Home

Investing in a quality, front door can benefit your property more than you think. Here are a few points to consider when looking to upgrade yours to help you create a more energy efficient home.

Considered Materials

Although original period front doors are beautiful, they can throw up a few problems over time. Their quality and deterioration can cause draughts leaving your home cold and expensive to heat. Poor quality front doors can also compromise security, making it easier for intruders to break in.

While we all want to do the right thing when it comes to plastic usage, for many years now, we’ve been proponents of the solid timber door rather than PVC. We choose durable timbers for all of our front doors to ensure each is reliable, hardwearing, and sustainable.

Victorian Leadlight Door

Bespoke glazing can add colour, personality and authenticity to your new front door, and provide a range of practical benefits too. Our glazing, including stained glass, is strengthened and sealed seamlessly into doors and side panels offering extra warmth, security and noise reduction.

Expertly Designed

All of our doors are designed to match the appearance and characteristics of your property, whether you have a Victorian villa or contemporary new build. Each door is designed to the exact specification of the doorway, ensuring a snug fit, even if the entrance is an unusual style or has non-standard dimensions. When it comes to the detail, you’d be surprised at the amount of air that can filter through keyholes and letterboxes, so we only use the highest quality door furniture to suit your door and property style. Keyholes with metal disc covers, letterboxes with brushes and draught excluders integrated within your door can all prevent heat loss.

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The majority of heat loss through front doors occurs around the seal and opening. At London Door Company, we take insulation seriously, which is why our expert surveyors take precise measurements of every doorway before a single pencil mark is made. Once a door is handcrafted, it is fit and sealed to stop draughts entering the home through the door and frame. We also add weather strips to ensure your home is as energy-efficient as possible.

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Steps to Improve Energy Efficiency and Reduce Bills in Your Home

With increasing awareness and move towards eco-friendly living, most homeowners are making a conscious effort to change their living habits.

Upgrade Lighting Fixtures

As consumers use more energy while confined to their homes The Guardian has recently reported British households’ energy bills are set to rise by a third. As well as turning off switches and using natural light to reduce costs, a good idea is to opt for more energy-efficient bulbs in our homes. LED and CFL bulbs are the number one choice as opposed to the normal incandescent types. Not only are LED bulbs more efficient, but they also create less heat and are significantly more cost-effective. As lighting goes greener, there are now options for motion sensor lighting and automated systems, ultimately reducing energy waste.

Contemporary Front Door with Sidelights

Energy Efficient Windows

Chances are if you have just moved into an old period property you won’t have double-glazing. The initial investment may be high; however, compared to single-glazed windows, the extra thickness and details such as weatherstripping can considerably reduce heat loss, external noise, your carbon footprint and energy bills. If you’re concerned about the look of modern double glazing compared to original windows, you can choose from a vast range of materials. Opt for wood, aluminium, steel and uPVC designed for all property types. When looking for the best energy efficient double glazing look for the Energy Saving Trust Recommended logo. If you’re not able to invest in new windows right now, then a more cost-effective short term way to insulate your home is to hang thermal curtains or double up with blinds and shutters.

Victorian Style Front Door

Smart Home Systems

Smart meters are becoming increasingly popular in households that want to keep track of their energy usage. They’re a fantastic tool to help you recognise how you’re using energy and what it’s costing. By identifying areas or behaviours that are costing more than estimated, you can make informed decisions on how to cut down and control your energy.

According to a recent Houzz home survey, around 34% of homeowners are thinking about purchasing technology including home assistants, alarms or detectors and thermostats during renovations. Although half of these homeowners may have delayed their renovation plans due to the pandemic, that’s still a considerable amount making small steps towards a greener lifestyle.

Along with these steps, you can also ensure a more energy efficient home by practising the habits below.

For more information on how our bespoke front doors can help you create a more energy efficient home contact London Door Company today.