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Picture Perfect Home: Create a Lasting Impression with These Trending Front Door Colours

Whether you’re selling your home in the future or merely want to refresh your exterior, one way to maximise kerb appeal is with colour. We reveal some of this year’s key front door colour trends to help you paint the perfect picture of your home in 2021.

Whether you’re selling your home in the future or merely want to refresh your exterior, one way to maximise kerb appeal is with colour. We reveal some of this year’s key front door colour trends to help you paint the perfect picture of your home in 2021.

Contemporary Front Door

Added Value

Whilst we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, first impressions really do count when it comes to selling your home. Even if you’re not thinking of putting your property on the market in the immediate future, considering your home’s kerb appeal can add thousands to its value.

Like many areas, the prime central London property market slowed down last year. However, as we move towards the end of lockdown, Zoopla explains the demand/ supply for homes within London continues to rise along with prices. With this increase in demand, especially in London Suburbs, having a beautifully finished exterior can be the deal-breaker when scrolling through an estate agents website or simply driving past a property for a first glimpse.

Victorian Wood Front Door

Your front door – and the colour you choose to paint it – gives you an opportunity to set your home apart from that of your neighbours.

2021 Trending Front Door Colours

Some colours are timeless and come back year after year. Others pop up and only stay in the limelight for a few seasons. Unsurprisingly, predicted trends this year are all about creating harmony in the home, adding character and blending craftsmanship with modern style to form a house perfectly attuned to the way you want to live.

Timeless Neutrals

Victorian Style Front Door

The beauty of neutrals lies in their versatility and grounding nature. With many of us choosing to renovate and modernise period homes, these traditional colours bring an opportunity to update the front door whilst retaining the charm of its original features. Shades of grey like our colour Concrete can create a tranquil look whilst also making your home appear more prominent. In contrast, paler shades such as Power Grey and Stone work wonderfully with opaque glass and can be an attractive complement to luscious greenery – a consideration if foliage frames your front door.

Contemporary Front Door with Sidelights

When choosing a neutral, you need to consider what look and mood you want to achieve. Do you want a period feel with softer yellow notes or something more contemporary with cooler tones? Earthy brown-based neutrals are also a great alternative to grey, adding a sense of warmth and authenticity.

Modern Wood Front Door 

Grounding Greens

Earthy colours have never been more vital than now as we yearn for comfort, calm and a reconnection to nature. Green is one colour on everybody’s radar, and down to its versatility, soothing qualities and grounding abilities, it’s proving a popular choice both inside the home and out. There are many shades of green to choose from; however, the ones with soft grey undertones are perfect for your front door. Pewter, our earthy green, has a beautiful depth, welcoming you as you approach the home and equally as striking when combined with red brick.

Green Victorian Front Door

With its restorative quality, we suggest carrying a green scheme from your front door through to your hallway decor, creating a feeling of calm and tranquillity as you arrive home.

Custom Edwardian Front Door

Classic Black

Over the past year, there’s been a resurgence in searches for dark interiors and alluring black painted doors. Choosing a black door isn’t necessarily a new trend. Opting for this classic colour in contrast to your facade is. It’s an incredibly versatile colour that transcends many architectural styles. Embrace the drama of pure black or opt for softer shades such as Charcoal or Basalt, which can work amazingly with neutral brick or white plasterwork.

2 Panel Georgian Door

Dark front door colours alone can transform your exterior dramatically, but pairing them with traditional brass or contemporary chrome hardware can create an even bigger style statement.

Black Georgian Front Door

Colours to Lift the Mood

Rather than opting for a conventional colour, design experts are continuing to talk about playful shades that nurture and lift your mood. Pink is one cheerful colour that is still having a major design moment, especially when it comes to front doors.

Although it can make a bold statement, pink is surprisingly versatile and a fresh alternative to the usual neutrals. When deciding on your shade of pink, it’s worth considering whether it suits your existing exterior. There are plenty of shades to choose from, including dusky pink, bubblegum or blush. Each one can beautifully complement features such as white pilasters, greenery that frames an entrance and original monochrome tiling – a popular feature on pathways and doorsteps of Victorian homes.

Pink Victorian Door

Our Milk Thistle paint colour continues to lift homes around the capital, looking beautiful when surrounded by blossom in the spring months. It’s on the softer side with a dose of yellow pigment, which helps to create the most delicate blush shade, a perfect match for warmer whites.

Top Tips on Picking a Front Door Colour

Choosing a Colour by Architecture

Like most bustling cities, London is home to a mixture of property styles. You’ll find Georgian homes built from 1714 to 1830, Victorian period properties constructed between 1837 and 1901, Edwardian Arts and Crafts homes from a short period around 1901 to 1910 and 1920s/30s properties that are unmistakably Art Deco. When it comes to historical accuracy, our own research has enabled us to create a colour palette that stays true to period styles and gives you scope to add your own personal touch. Learn more about choosing the perfect colour for your period property in our recent guide.

Victorian Leadlight Door

Consider Your Surroundings

The key is to find complementary shades rather than harsh contrast. An example is pairing a bolder shade with pale brickwork for impact, where pastels may look more wash out. Our advice is to align paint swatches to the wall and see how it makes you feel.

In addition to the brickwork, there are other elements that frame your entranceway. Trees and plants, for example, can be a beautiful asset if well-maintained. If you’re fortunate enough to have bright, bold flowers bordering your front door, then perhaps consider a dark or neutral colour to complement it.

Pink Victorian Door

The Finer Details

Keep in mind the old adage; the devil is in the detail. By that, we mean accessories such as letterboxes, door knobs and knockers. You’ll want to ensure these are either considered as part of the colour scheme or repainted as part of the job.

Why not take a moment to be inspired by some of the beautiful front door colours we have on offer, request our free brochure today to discover more.