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Over 30 Years of Design Expertise – Our Guide to Choosing a Luxury Bespoke Front Door

A beautifully finished front door can transform the exterior of your property, boost its kerb appeal and, ultimately, add value to your home. But how do you choose a luxury bespoke front door that’s right for you?

A beautifully finished front door can transform the exterior of your property, boost its kerb appeal and, ultimately, add value to your home. But how do you choose a luxury bespoke front door that’s right for you?

Whether you require a non-standard size or thickness, an authentic Georgian or Victorian design or you’re looking for something bang up-to-date, London Door Company have a range of stunning ideas to choose from. With over 30 years of experience, every door is expertly designed and skillfully crafted, complete with luxury door furniture, stunning glazing and state-of-the-art security details. Every detail made to measure and chosen by you to make your door one of a kind.

Victorian Style Front Door

A World of Choice

Whether your decision has been inspired by the architecture of your home or your own imagination, our designers will work with you every step of the way. When it comes to an initial design visit, you’ll have an opportunity to look at what we’ve done for other homes, and discover first-hand the many design options available. Our designers have years of research and experience behind them, which enables them to create a beautiful first impression while still maintaining the integrity of your home’s character.

We offer an exquisite selection of luxury materials and fine finishes for almost endless design options, meaning the door you choose is unique to your property. Once you have discussed your initial plans and agreed on a design, our surveyors will carry out a meticulous survey ensuring a millimetre perfect fit.

Contemporary Front Door with Sidelights

From my first consultation to the door being fitted, the service I received was great. Our designer helped to turn my vision into reality, and I am so pleased with the results.

Considered materials – Durable, Beautiful and Free From Plastic

When it comes to your luxury bespoke front door, we consider the important role it has to play and use materials that will help it do its job as well as give your home head-turning kerb appeal. We often get asked what our front doors are made of. For many years we’ve made most of our doors from Accoya®. This fantastic timber is modified in a process called acetylation, which enables the wood to resist rot and stay strong for up to 50 years.

Victorian Style Front Door

Its durability is sought after not only by leading door makers like us but also by civil engineers and architects building frameworks for homes and bridges that are submerged in water. Apart from its longevity, its strength and durability are contributing factors in using the material. It’s hard for intruders to break into or kick-through, so a door made from Accoya® will give your home additional safety and security which in turn has a much needed positive impact on your home insurance.

The London Door Company were great from start to finish. We love our new front door. It has completely transformed the front of our house, and you can see and hear the quality when you close it behind you. I have no hesitation in recommending them.

Green Victorian Door

The Choice Is Yours

Our carefully curated paint range allows you to create a front door that’s truly personal to you. You may want a colour that will complement new paintwork, tones in your brickwork or masonry, or even a shade that will match or contrast with the colours of your interior décor. The choice is yours. We recently shared a guide to help you to determine the right colour for your property, from shades for Victorian architecture and modern new builds to colours that can even add value to your home.

Pink Victorian Door

All of our doors are beautifully finished by hand with high-quality paint further helping to protect the surface of the wood. A hand-painted finish also gives a London door a more authentic handcrafted look, in keeping with original period style designs.

Period Aesthetics Without Compromising on Security or Energy-Efficiency

Investing in the security of your home will not only give you peace of mind, but it may also increase its appeal to potential buyers in the future. When planning locks for your front door there’s little point in cutting corners.

Victorian Leadlight Luxury Bespoke Front Door

At London Door Company, we will always advise you on the best security option for you. As well as thick, solid doors and a modern locking system, we also consider toughened and strengthened glazing in your front door.  Our glaziers can recreate authentic designs using a range of traditional techniques including stained glass – this is combined with modern technology, making your glazing both energy-efficient and intruder proof.

Victorian Leadlight Door

Take this beautiful Victorian door design which boasts strengthened leaded glass detail, state-of-the-art security features and reinforcements in the door panels and framework giving you confidence and peace of mind when the door is closed. With a luxury bespoke door, there’s no need to compromise, each one designed to your exacting requirements, perfectly meeting the functional and aesthetic needs of your home.

If you’re looking to create a stunning entrance to your home, why not request a free brochure or speak to one of our experts in a free no-obligation design visit today.

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